Apophis by Raj Anand

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From the publisher: December, 2012: Five sentient beings born in different cities – New York, Hong Kong, New Delhi, Azores Islands and Istanbul, discover amongst haunting memories of their phantasmal past lives, that it is their destiny to save humanity from the evil forces unleashed by the alien fiends—the Skyllats.

And now, the reincarnated 9-year-olds must rely on their shared, ancient wisdom to prepare humanity for the war across the galaxy that is imminent.

A sampling of quotes:

Mystified, Agasthi peered deeper into this amplified, spherical, translucent world—seeded with infinite moons and transient stars—when an eerie, dark colossus with a serpent-like head and carmine eyes emerged. Swimming within this dark sea, it swallowed entire moons and thousands of stars, before it turned and glared at a petrified Agasthi.

Raj Anand, Apophis

This Gulfstream G550, manufactured by General Dynamics in the United States, was specially fitted with the Airborne Early Warning and Control Multi-Band Radar System developed by Israel Aerospace.

Raj Anand, Aphophis

For, this war was never fought in the open; it had been fought over centuries between the crevices of a strange reality.

Raj Anand, Apophis

Perhaps God was giving him another chance—a gift. Maybe God was asking for forgiveness. A forgiveness that Lazarok was not prepared to give—just yet.

Raj Anand, Apophis

Karen Leung, with her short hair, narrow black eyes, and a confident, muscular frame exuded the verdant tranquility of an alpha, ever ready to dominate any battlefield across a dangerous urban jungle.

Raj Anand, Apophis

The sun decided to cut itself into two this early winter morning. Unsure whether it wanted to rise from the fathomless depths of the Atlantic Ocean or from the Island of San Miguel.

Raj Anand, Apophis

All punctuation is that of the author. This post is provided in exchange for an advance review copy of the book from Goddess Fish.

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